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They were under the sea hundreds of thousands years ago. They’re still here, markers of a time that none of us has ever lived. Remarkable, stoic, sublime. Layers of time, accumulation of seasons that supplant human time.

I live and work surrounded by forests, rocks, rivers and hilly reliefs. Their presence informs my work and echoes my exploration of the relationship between clay and stone. In the workshop forms emerge imbued with their dreamlike power.

How to describe a landscape if it is not above all an emotional reading, the ability to perceive something bigger than the world of words?


Hand sculpted

At the beginning of each sculpture there is an idea of the shape of the rauk, not a precise drawing. Then I'll work with and around the movements of clay.

Each piece is a one-off, dated and signed.

Dimensions really vary/
Dimensions of the pieces pictured here for reference:

Length: 51 cm / Depth: 26 cm / Height: 55 cm
Weight : 14 kg

Length: 50 cm / Depth: 29 cm / Height: 58 cm
Weight : 18 kg

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—> lea(at)leamunsch.com