Léa Munsch
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“It started with a gut feeling. I listened to it and shifted everything around it.” 

Clay as an open field of possibilities —
Léa Munsch explores its potentiality with an approach led by instinct and curiosity.
She draws from nature to produce primarily unglazed pieces that reveal the inherent qualities of texture and color of their materials. From her studio, an ever-evolving cast of ageless forms emerges, sculptures born at the crossroads where art and architecture meet.

Léa Munsch lives and works in Lorraine, in eastern France, where she's taken over a space in a former factory perched on a river at the heart of a forest. 

Born in 1986 in Lorraine, France

2017 — The big shift— The drums of the earth called out to me stronger and stronger as grew my desire to work with my hands. I had left my job and then a promising workspace appeared on my path. With 3 ceramicists, we founded ‘gangster’, our artists’ collective and renovate the space to make it our studio.

Summer 2018 — who is not up for a big shift per year? Moved from Paris to Lorraine, eastern France to settle a new studio in a former factory perched on a river at the heart of a forest. 

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La terre comme champs des possibles —

Fascinée par le potentiel de la terre et les savoirs millénaires qui l'entourent, Léa Munsch explore ce matériau avec curiosité et instinct. Elle aime s’inspirer de ce que nous donne la nature. Elle travaille principalement la terre brute, à la recherche des textures, des couleurs et des qualités inhérentes à la matière. Dans son atelier, émerge un langage de formes sans âge, des sculptures à la croisée de l’art et de l’architecture.

Léa Munsch vit et travaille en Lorraine. Elle s’est installée au bord d’une rivière, dans une ancienne usine entourée de forêts


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