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© Marion Berrin

© Marion Berrin


Clay is an open field of possibilities -
I explore its potentiality with an approach led by instinct and curiosity.

I draw from nature to produce primarily unglazed pieces that reveal the inherent qualities of texture and color of their materials. In the studio, an ever-evolving cast of ageless forms emerges, sculptures born at the crossroads where art and architecture meet. 


It started with a gut feeling. 
I listened to it and shifted everything around it. 


Born in 1986 in Lorraine, France

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2014 — First official encounter with clay

2017 — The Big Shift— The drums of the earth called out to me stronger and stronger as grew my desire to work with my hands. I start working full-time with clay in Paris.

Summer 2018 — who is not up for a big shift per year? Moved from Paris to Lorraine, eastern France to settle a new studio in a former factory perched on a river at the heart of a forest. 

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My studio is located in Lutzelbourg, Lorraine, France (see map below).

You can also catch me in Paris every other week.

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